Floreat was originally a solo project for frontman and founding member Dean Ince to help build his confidence with performing vocals. The project was dormant for quite a while until suddenly Dean decided he was confident enough to lead a band. Andy Beck, a long time friend of Dean dating back to their time together at Maidstone Grammar School, was quickly recruited for bass guitar duties and songs were recorded at Dean’s home recording studio.

The band remained a duo for a couple of months until Dean asked Chris Johnson to perform drum duties. With Chris now in the ranks, Floreat became a three piece band – exactly the way Dean had imagined the band to be. An EP was compiled from the newly recorded songs, and the tracks that made the cut were worked on further.

The EP thereafter became known as The Outsider, a semi-concept EP that tells the tale of a man who is different: somebody who refuses to change in order to fit in, somebody who will struggle on and find success in their own way. The Outsider was released on November 27th as a digital download on a “pay what you want” basis.

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