Dean’s Blog — #4

It seems that bands on a local level only seem to last a year or two before they call it a day nowadays. In the two years or so I’ve been involved with the music scene I’ve lost count of the amount of bands that have formed and dissolved. Fortunately for us, we’re going nowhere, and we recently had our first anniversary as a band (June 3rd). We’re currently knee deep in working on something cool at the moment, something that we couldn’t feasibly pull off if we didn’t have access to recording facilities at home.

We’ve got our first show in nearly four months at The Poachers Pocket on July 2nd, and I feel really ready to start performing live with Chris again, and Andy for the first time since he moved back to England from Germany. I’ve been demoing some new songs recently, and I’m starting to find my own style both vocally and with the guitar. Some of these songs will be given their live debut at our next show.

As I alluded to earlier, Andy has moved back to England on a permanent basis and will now take up his role as full-time bassist. Matt Ladbrooke (from Paperfriend) did a fine job keeping the seat warm for Andy, and we can’t thank him enough for doing those early shows with our band as they helped us to build a name for ourselves locally.

We’ve got band practice on Sunday, we might even live stream it if it sounds good enough.

Until then, take it easy!

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