Dean’s Blog — #3

So we’re into April already. Where has the year gone? It’s already been two months since we released Questions digitally and five months since we put The Outsider on Bandcamp. I wanted to release both our EPs physically at some point, and felt our show at The Poachers Pocket in Walderslade was a good opportunity to do this. I play in another local band as lead guitarist and that band’s EP was picked up mostly in physical form, so it makes complete sense to get some CDs pressed. It’s actually quite nice to see because I prefer music in a physical format, and despite the trend on a worldwide scale leaning towards streaming and digital sales, on a local level people are much more likely to buy your EP as a CD or vinyl rather than download it.

This is why we have yet to release our material on iTunes, Spotify and the like. We can easily do it, but at the moment it just doesn’t make sense, it’s not financially viable. Where we’re at on the music totem pole, we wouldn’t even come close to recouping our initial costs if we made our music available on these platforms. We’re definitely not in it for the money, but we like to assess our options. I think spending the little extra on getting physical copies made and people actually wanting them is a better option than going through Tunecore and making about £5 back in a year after spending £50 to upload the material. Plus, there’s always Bandcamp if people want the streaming option.

For the next record, I’ve been working on some demos, and they’ve gone over really well with Chris and Andy, who are working on their own parts to these songs. I feel like my voice has improved and I think it shows on these songs, as well as my guitar work. I’m currently working on music for a final demo with lyrics that Chris has given me (we’re now both lyric writers), which so far is also sounding really promising. We’re going to spend more time on this record to get it absolutely right so it won’t be out any time soon, but hopefully that means we’ll come up with a better EP. It will be produced by myself and Andy, and we’re currently looking at studios where we can record drums as I don’t have the space to do so at home. We were considering getting someone else in to record our songs, but ultimately if we do it ourselves we have more control over the entire process and the songs will sound exactly how we want them to sound.

I’m also running Brighton Marathon next Sunday, and donations can be made to my chosen charity Heart of Kent Hospice by texting INCE86 and your desired amount to 70070. It’ll be hard work, but I’ll get through it! I had a good workout yesterday and I feel much better about this than I did a few days ago.

Until next time, take it easy!

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