Hey guys, some big news here.

Floreat are proud to announce our new EP, which will be called The Outsider. There is no release date yet, and it probably won’t be for another six months at least, but on September 1st we will make Cliques, the first song from the EP, available to buy and stream digitally.

I have been working on a couple of these songs for a number of years now, and I have been trying to get the structure and lyrical content of said songs right for quite some time. Having access to better equipment and better effects has allowed me to push the boundaries of these songs further.

I have commissioned a local artist to design the artwork for The Outsider, which allows us to concentrate on making the music as good as possible. We will be printing a limited run of CDs and t-shirts, and we might even get a few vinyls printed, depending on demand and if it’s cost effective. The Outsider will also be available to buy on all the digital stores and stream on all the streaming services.

We are genuinely excited about making and releasing The Outsider, and we’ll keep you updated when more details arise.

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